Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kind and Friendly People

Today I am grateful for the kindness of strangers, especially those strangers that can become friends.

Scott and I just moved into our new ward about two months ago. I know it takes time for relationships to form but there are some members of our ward that have done an amazing service by roping us into their activities and projects. One woman in particular has impressed me as a true example of compassion and awareness. Her name is April and even if I didn't think she was one of the coolest people ever, I would be forced still to tell you about how thoughtful she is. Only a few weeks after moving into our new apartment, she showed up on our doorstep in the middle of the day when I was home alone with Soren. She said that she was going on a walk and wondered if I wanted to come. She knew that being a stay-at-home mom is sometimes a lonely job, especially when you don't know anyone in your area. Since then, she has invited me to participate with her in lots of daytime activities and filled me in on all of the fun and free things to do in our city. She loves to read and has all kinds of great tips for saving money. She is gregarious and practical. Her daughter, Sequoia, is cheerful and only a little older than Soren. She likes to watch SciFi shows and has great taste in books, movies, and food. We have a lot in common and I hope that she is as excited about our budding friendship as I am. After all her kindness to me, I wouldn't want to impose myself on her.

The reason I have her on my mind is that she had a party this morning for new moms. It was such a good idea! She invited a lot of bran-new stay-at-home moms to her house and had crafts and food and toys. Unfortunately, not very many people came. It was actually just April, Alisha, and I but we had a lot of fun just fellowshipping together. I am very grateful for the instant sisterhood that the church provides us with. I can't imagine being a stay-at-home mom without the support and structure of the church. I would never meet anyone or do anything! Relief Society is a wonderful blessing in that way. Anyways, we had a lot fun at the party talking about new mom stuff. Alisha and I are actually planning on doing a babysitting swap! That way we will be able to date our husbands again! Yeah!

I invited both women (and their babies) to come swimming with me tomorrow. I'm just really happy today because I feel like I'm making friends. And I'm grateful for the willingness of kind women to reach out and include me so that I can be involved. Isn't this exciting?

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