Saturday, July 26, 2008

Holidays and Families

Because Scott works for the Church Office Building, he got Pioneer Day off--and the Friday afterwards! We've been enjoying his four-day weekend.

Thursday we went to see the Pioneer Day fireworks at Liberty Park. We walked down there at about 8:00 pm and nabbed a great spot at the lake front. We spread out our blanket and played logic games. My sister, Brianna, made up lots of code-related puzzles. Scott's were very clever and sometimes terribly tricky. Soren was up way past his bed-time but refused to sleep. Still, he was very cheerful. He enjoyed looking at the enormous, spotted Great Dane sitting behind us and at all the kids waving glow sticks around. When he got tired, he cuddled into Scott's chest or my lap. That was a rare treat. The fireworks were amazing. It was fun to celebrate our heritage and be together as a family. That's what I love about holidays: they bring us closer together as a family.

Friday, we all went swimming. Scott blew up a kiddie floaty for Soren, which he really hated. Brianna liked it, although it was way to small for her, and Soren got a kick out of watching her flail about it in. Then we spent the afternoon playing games. Scott has been such a good sport about having my sister around. He treats her like another member of our family. I know my mom was worried that he would get irritated having her around but he's been so kind and cheerful. I love her a lot and spending this extra time with her has been one of those tender mercies of the Lord. I didn't get to bond with her much before I left home. It's been wonderful to have time to catch up with her and talk about the things that are truly important to us.

Brianna left Friday evening to spend the weekend with our Aunt Karen. And so today has been completely laid back. With all the fun things we did the past two days, it was nice to have an unhurried day. We spent the morning reading on the couch while Soren played with his monkey ball on the floor. Then, this afternoon we took a walk to the park. We had a picnic and tried to feed the ducks. I say tried because they were uninterested in anything we tried to give. I guess that Saturdays are a popular duck feeding day and that they were already bloated by the time we got there!

As always, I am grateful for every day that I have to spend with my beautiful family. I know that we will be together forever, sealed in the temple as an eternal unit. Still, the mind-boggling amount of time we will share in the future does nothing to diminish each precious day. Scott and I were listening to a favorite talk by Russel M. Nelson the other day. In it, he talks about how we should not take those we love for granted. He says that when we recognize God's hand in the construction of our families, we will find more joy in those most precious relationships. And it is true! I know that my Father in Heaven brought Scott and I together because He knew that our marriage would bring us great and everlasting joy. He sent Soren to us because He knew that our posterity would strengthen that bond and increase our happiness. He made our family possible and has given them to me forever. I am so grateful for this most wonderful gift!

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