Friday, July 11, 2008


I love living in the city. There are so many neat things in our community. I love all the ways that I can connect with other people in similar situations and participate in a social network of face-to-face interactions. I appreciate the fellowship of my church and I love the ways my city provides me to meet new people.

Yesterday Soren and I went to Book Babies at the library. I am getting to know a lot of the other moms in my community and I love this chance to be with them. Soren enjoys exploring the other babies--we're still working on not poking their eyes out--and I appreciate the fun interaction this setting provides for us.

After Book Babies, we rode the train to Scott's work and had lunch with him. I made In and Out muffins to share with his co-workers, who are all excellent and uplifting people to spend time with. We took a walk around temple square after lunch and enjoyed each other's company and the beautiful environment that surrounds the church headquarters. Scott was talking the other day about how grateful he is for his work environment. An old friend came to visit us for the 4th of July and he was complaining about how the people he works with are selfish and crass. Scott doesn't work with anyone like that and it is a huge blessing in his life and in mine. He always comes home happy and excited about the things he is accomplishing, never drained by a negative work environment. I know that not everyone can work for a religiously oriented office. It's not something we ever thought we would be doing. But I am glad that the Lord had a better plan for us and that he has given us this enormous blessing.

On the bus ride home, we got to interact with lots of kind people. People who helped me with the stroller, who were obviously excited about life, who were willing to share of themselves with me. I love to learn from other people. There are so many different, interesting, and good ideas out there and the more we partake of other people's ideas and learn about their experiences, the more truth will rise to the top. It sounds silly, but I'm glad I'm not the only person on this earth. I mean, duh, but I love people! They are all children of God and I can learn from each of them. I am so glad that my Father in Heaven has allowed me to interact with His children.

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