Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Right now, I am very grateful for my nose. I am sitting on the couch and smelling dinner cooking in the kitchen. I can smell garlic and onions and ham ... I'm making split pea soup (which I have never done before). I'm not sure how it will turn out but--man oh man!--it smells good. Isn't it wonderful to have a nose?

Bodies are such amazing things. As I watch my son, Soren, grow and develop, I discover anew all the amazing things a body can do. He is fascinated with the different textures of things he can touch. He is experimenting with the different sounds he can make and the other ways he can communicate his desires. He is very pleased when I understand him and he gets what he wants. What a change from the motionless blob he was at birth! When he's tired, he presses his face into my chest and oh! how I love to feel his warmth. I love to feel him in my arms, just as I love to feel Scott's arms around me.

I know that one of the very important reasons God sent us to this earth was to give us bodies. I know that God has a body and that we are created in His image. Our bodies, although not perfect, are wonderful gifts from a Father who loves us. They were the crowning glory of His creations. Nothing man has made can approximate their marvelous abilities. I know that they are sacred, as all gifts from God are, and that I am responsible for taking care of mine. (I'm sure that nodding off and falling on my butt in the shower this morning was not being a wise steward of my body but hey! at least I'm washing it.) I do love my body and want it to last a long long time!

I'm looking forward to being grateful for my taste buds in just a moment.

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