Saturday, July 12, 2008


I've been thinking about how people used to live hand-to-mouth and could never take a day off. It was extraordinary when the Jews received the ten commandments and started keeping the Sabbath. All the civilizations around them must have been so astounded! Here are these people who rest one day in seven and they are successful! And now, we have a whole weekend! It's marvelous that we live in such a time when it is possible to have two our of seven days off! Maybe we don't use both of them to rest--when I do I find the house becomes unbearably disorganized--but I really enjoy them all the same. I love Saturdays, when my husband gets to be with me all day and we do things that improve our family and home. I love Sundays, when I get to go to church and be reminded that the Lord's yoke is easy and light. These two days are a gift from God and I am grateful for them.

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