Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Testimony of a Loving God

I know that there is a God in heaven and that we are His spirit children. I know that He loves us with a perfect and unfailing love. I know that as His children, we can be like Him and that there is nothing that would bring Him greater joy than to have us all reach our full potential.

I know that He has a plan for us. An integral part of that plan is the sacred gift of agency that He will never take from us. Our Father in Heaven would like us all to make the choices that will bring happiness but I know that He will never force our hand. He has given us the power to choose, knowing that sometimes we would choose wrong.

However, He does not want those wrong choices to mean the end of our progression. He has provided us a Savior, Jesus Christ, who atoned for our sins. He has made reconciliation with the Father on our behalf so that, if we are willing, we can cast aside those wrong choices and take up again our true potential. Jesus Christ has shown us how to live so that we can become like our Father in Heaven. He has shown us how to love and to gain spiritual knowledge. Most importantly (I feel), He has shown us how to love. God is love and if we would be like Him, we must learn to love our Heavenly Father and to love each other.

I know that Jesus Christ's atonement has the power to make all things right. With our misused agency, anguish and suffering has entered the world. I know that Christ will make those things right when He comes again in glory to rule and reign over all the earth.

I am grateful for this testimony. It is this faith that gives me hope for myself and those I love. It is this faith that gives me hope for all of humanity. It is not a faith in man, who is flawed, but a faith in God whose love and wisdom are perfect.

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