Friday, August 1, 2008

Good Media

Today I am very grateful for movies. They are a powerful medium for conveying any idea and when they are used to share good messages, they can facilitate a powerfully uplifting experience for the viewer. I had a professor at BYU tell me once that heaven would have a great library where we would all read the classics and listen to opera. I think it is terribly arrogant to assume that just because electronic media is more popular that it has no redeeming qualities. If we will be reading good books in heaven, I think we will also be watching good television. I do believe that it is a technological advance given by God to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ and the plan of happiness. They can also just be fun, which is (of course) another gift from God.

Last night I went to see "Prince Caspian", which is why I am thinking about this. It's a film about being Christian in a fallen world. The message is that when you stand with Christ, you are never alone. And it's a perfect example of something that is both entertaining and uplifting; I highly recommend it. I think that this movie, along with all the other positive films out there, is one of God's tender mercies to His children. It is an easy way to access a one of the gospel's precious truths.

So if you're discouraged by all the smutty films out there, I don't think the solution is to give up on the entire genre. We need to support the truthful and family-friendly media out there. Let's let true principles flood the big screens and take over this powerful tool of persuasion!

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mk said...

WE went to see Prince Caspian this weekend too! It made me want to read the books again ...