Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Priesthood is Restored

I testify that the power of God is on the earth today. The power through which this universe was created, the power Christ used to heal the sick and feed the multitude, and the power that gives authority to perform ordinances in God's name is available to us. This divine authority given to men is called the priesthood and it has been restored in these latter-days. I am grateful that God's true church is on the earth and with it, His power. The priesthood's capacity is limitless but it can also be very intimate. With it, righteous men of Zion can bless their homes and families. When they have been ordained by men holding the proper authority, worthy men of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can lay their hands upon the heads of the sick, the troubled, the seeking, and the called to pour out God's blessings on them.

I am grateful that my husband has the priesthood and uses it worthily and often. I had reason to call upon that power this weekend. I remember a friend once telling me that sometimes the Lord will gives us a reason to need a priesthood blessing specifically so that he can bless and counsel us. This was one of those occasions for me. I received a blessing of healing but it was also a blessing of strength and comfort that I was not expecting. I felt the Spirit very strongly as peace and love filled my heart. The blessing opened a conduit to heaven and I received the rejuvenating and uplifting gifts of the Spirit. I am grateful for God's great love and the wisdom of His plan. He allows me to feel His love and receive His blessings at the hands of my dear spouse.

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