Saturday, October 25, 2008


Last Sunday, Scott and I went to a devotional for temple workers in the Salt Lake temple assembly hall. It was a very special experience: we met in a holy place with white-clad saints to hear the prophet of God bear testimony of the living Christ. The Holy Ghost was very strong in that sacred setting. Scott turned to me and gave me a squeeze. He said, "This is my idea of heaven." Then he amended, "Except the boy's not here."

Later that evening, the three of us sat together on the couch in our living room. Scott and I were discussing the lessons that had been taught in Sunday School and Relief Society. As we quietly and simply bore testimony to each other of the beautiful gospel truths we had been reminded of that day, I felt that same spirit wash over me. In my mind, I heard again those words, This is my idea of heaven.

In thinking about that experience over the last week, I have come to realize the holiness of my home. Although it is not quite the temple, God's house on earth, it can be a place where His spirit resides permanently.

My home is a place that has been sanctified by study and prayer. It is a place of revelation. I have said more prayers here, in my home, than in any other place. I have received more answers here, both through study and through personal revelation. I have listened to uplifting music here. It is in this place that I have been converted to the Lord again and again.

My home is the starting point. It is the place in which I have been prepared to face, and even change, the world. It is the faithfulness and love that is cultivated in my home that I carry into the church, into the temple, and hopefully into the world.

I am grateful for this holy place.


Heather of the EO said...

I want my home to be a place of refuge and renewal for our family too.
A place to live our faith first with the people closest to us and move that love outside our walls. If that made sense.
Not finding my words tonight, but wanted to try anyway :)

Jay and Natalie said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. This is the kind of home I want to have--a refuge for my children and my husband, where family and faith come first (because that really is all that matters!).

Thank you for the example you set. The world could use a lot more families like yours!