Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Blogger, Perhaps a Ministering Angel

There are a few rare and glorious occasions when I stumble upon a blog whose author or purpose really speaks to me. Those are the blogs that inspire me and the people that I thank God for.

Because of Proposition 8, the pro-gay movement has been in the foreground of my thoughts this month (if you couldn't tell). And, although I don't really know very many Californians, there are people I know who are affected by this debate. I knew a lot of homosexuals in high school; some of them were close friends. And then, at BYU, I watched friends struggle with the split between their faith and their sexuality. I have thought of them often and wondered how they felt, a minority watching the rest of the nation argue over their heads about what they should or shouldn't be allowed to do. My heart has especially been grieved for those trying to reconcile an unyielding stance by their church on homosexuality with the reality of their passions.

I always stand behind the leaders of the church and, in so doing, believe I stand where God would have me be. But I mourn for those who are left bereft or confused at their place in His kingdom. I've spent a lot of time on my knees trying to understand God's plan for them.

He ultimately told me that it wasn't my place to request revelation on their behalf. I realized that what was needed on my part was trust, obedience, and compassion. (Which, coincidentally, applies to any commandment. This epiphany has strengthened me in all areas of my life.)

Having come to that conclusion, I prayed to have my faith strengthened. And He gave me an example, an extreme example that would take away my excuses and doubt. I found hope and peace (but not all the answers) at this blog.

And because I know that sometimes God's ministering angels are mortal beings like you and I (who use the internet), I feel confident saying that this blogger writes, in part, as a tender mercy from my Father to me.


Paula said...

Thank you for sharing this blog Carolyn. So many of us have family and friends who deal with same-sex attraction. We watch the choices they make and try to understand, and to help them understand, how these struggles fit into the Lord's plans.

Jenna said...

Steve and I were impressed by this person's courage. Steve left a comment after you, check it out :-)

Louise said...

Carolyn, I found your blog after you found my blog. Anyway, thanks for your post. What you wrote helps me feel better. I've had a lot of struggling over how I feel about this issue and I think that what you said helps me see it in a new light. I appreciate it. Thank you!