Monday, June 30, 2008

A Family Holiday

I was sick on Friday, so I didn't write, but I was very grateful that Soren was able to play with himself so that I could rest. I spent most of the morning dozing and felt a lot better afterwards. Getting sick always reminds me of playing Oregon Trail and the icon popping up that says someone in your party is sick. The way to make them feel better is to rest for many days, but sometimes that a really bad idea when you have the winter deadline for pushing yourself out West. I'm glad that we live in a time with a little more leeway. To take a day off to rest and feel better isn't a recipe for disaster or family ruin. I know we always talk about how we live in a really fast-paced world but it's nice that we have the conveniences and support structure in place to allow us to take things a lot slower than they had to a couple of centuries ago.

Anyways, I got well and the weekend was AMAZING. Saturday was our anniversary and I couldn't have planned a better way to spend it, even if I'd tried. The nice thing about it was that Scott took charge of it and really enjoyed treating me. We had our traditional waffle breakfast. I made the waffles from scratch this year and they were really buttery and sweet. Scott went to the grocery store and bought me roses. There were two this year, for the two years we've been married. Then, while Soren napped, Scott helped me put on my wedding dress. The skirt was really wrinkled but wearing it was super fun and made me feel really beautiful. Scott is very good at making me feel beautiful. It was his idea to have me wear it and he kept saying, "Spin around. I know you want to." He knows me really well. I know it sounds really vain, but I always appreciate the way that Scott dotes on me. He said, "You look more beautiful today than the day you were married and that's saying a lot because you were the most beautiful woman in the world that day." I hope we can make a tradition of this. Last year I was a little too pregnant to squeeze into the dress but this year it fit perfectly. Anyways, after the dressing up we looked at wedding and engagement pictures on Scott's computer. I love pictures and I'm so glad that technology today allows us to take so many. Then we walked to the grocery store (with the baby) and picked out some fancy cheese. We got Swiss Raclette and French Bree with a bagette and a bottle of grape juice. Then we walked to Liberty Park and sat under the shade of a huge tree to try some new cheeses. The seagulls gathered round and Scott gave them austere and sophisticated British accents. They were trying to convince us that they were discerning enough to deserve some cheese but were sorely disappointed. We had brought them the heal of a regular bad loaf and Soren loved watching them hop around, fighting over the crumbs we threw to them. When we were leaving, there was a group of college students getting ready for a LARPing battle, but we had to get home because a sitter was coming for Soren. Sister Gillespie watched him while Scott and I went to the temple. I am very grateful for the generosity of people. It was very refreshing to spend that time one on one and I'm glad that Sis. Gillespie made that possible. The temple was wonderful. I really love my husband. I'm so glad that we are going to be together forever. And it's not just someday. Forever starts now. I often feel that when Scott comes home and holds me and the baby in his arms, it's just like what being in the celestial kingdom must be like. I have everything I could ever want at that moment. All those things we came to earth for, the things that Heavenly Father wanted for us, are there in that circle of love. I have a body and an eternal companion and I have posterity that has sprung from those former two gifts. And I want nothing more than for those things to continue forever.

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