Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Technology of our Forefathers

Today I am grateful for technology. Scott and I were talking the other day about human history and how amazing it is that we live at the pinnacle of so many years of advancement. He was saying that people in Sumeria, thousands of years ago, must have thought they were living in the golden age. They had cities and farming, beer and writing, art and music. And yet, now here we are, in an era so advanced we cannot imagine mankind without those essentials. And we have technology that has transformed our relationships and our pursuits. I love the internet and cameras and word processors and telephones. It's wonderful that we live in a time when I can talk to my parents, who are thousands of miles away, every day. I can take videos of their grandson and within minutes, they can be watching what he was just doing here. Or, with a web camera, they can watch his discoveries as they unfold. I really appreciate the way technology has connected our world and how it has made it possible for me to have a close relationship with my parents, even though we cannot be together right now. I was thinking the other day about pioneer women who, once they had married Mormon boys, left behind their parents and siblings to travel west, knowing they would not see or hear from those people they knew and loved for the rest of their lives. What heartbreak! And yet, no matter where we go in the world, now I can still be connected to my family. This is surely a blessing from God.

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