Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Power of Prayer

I am grateful for the supernal gift of prayer. This blessing and commandment is truly a tender mercy of the Lord to me. Through prayer, I come to know the will of my Father in Heaven and I access the power of the Atonement to experience greater conversion.

I have recently started adding an extra prayer to my day. In the middle of the day, when Soren is sleeping and Scott is gone, I kneel down and pray in complete privacy. I am able to pray out loud and to spend time pondering without any interruptions. This has become the foundation of my day. From that prayer, I try to decide what good I will do that day. I find motivation to study the scriptures with real intent. The Spirit I feel during that special prayer is something I yearn to keep throughout the day and that influences the ways in which I act. That prayer has great power. It always invites the Holy Ghost into my home and my heart. When I strive to keep that Spirit with me, I have power to make changes in my life.

I have found nothing to be more rewarding than praying, receiving insight into what I should do, and following that counsel. When I pray, the Holy Ghost whispers God's will to me and sometimes it is something I can do right away. That action brings great joy and confidence. Prayer is what allows me to be an able instrument in hands of God.


Madelyn said...

thanks for that, great post!

mk said...

You inspire me to be better (much, MUCH better) than I am. Thank you, Carolyn.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, this is so inspiring. I need that time, too!