Monday, September 22, 2008

I have the whole pie (and so can you!)

I was appreciating the church's new website ( this morning. I love all the videos connected to the site; I'm very much an aural learner. One of my favorite videos was about how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has all the truth, not just some of it. And those who are baptised into this church have access to all of God's greatest gifts, not just some of them. The man speaking compared truth to a pie and he said that, after hearing the missionaries, he wanted the whole pie, not just a sliver of it.

Following the deaths of Christ's apostles and due to disobedience and loss of authority, a great deal of spiritual truth was lost. The beauty and wisdom of God's plan was obscured from man and His power was no longer on the earth. Those lost truths were restored through a modern prophet, Joseph Smith, and even now the veil between heaven and earth is peirced by continuing revelation via God's chosen mouthpeice today, Thomas S. Monson. This is a most glorious time to live! Now is the time that all of God's blessings are available to all of His children, according to their agency. Now is the time that, if you choose, you can have the whole pie!

I am grateful for many these restored and reiterated truths. They bring purpose and joy to my life. What more could I ask for? Simply stated, that these same truths might be available to everyone. I want everyone to know...
... that we have a Father in Heaven who knows and loves each of His children. He is all wise and all loving; if we follow His plan, we will be lead to eternal life and everlasting joy.
... that God's Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, performed an infinite Atonement and has the power to redeem and to change us. If we desire it, He will remake us in His image. In this suffering and fallen world, it is a comfort to know that He will return and make everything right.
... that the same Jesus which was crucified for our sins, was literally resurrected and that He lives. And so shall we someday be resurrected, reunited with our bodies and with those we love.
... that families are integral to God's plan. That in order to receive our inheritance as children of God, a man and a woman must be sealed together in God's holy temple and there become an eternal unit.
... that God speaks to each of His children through two channels. We can receive personal revelation through the power of the Holy Ghost and we can receive the unalterable commands and truths of our Father's plan through His prophet and the Holy Scriptures.
... that man is that he might have joy.

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