Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An All-Encompassing Commandment

I've lately come to realize how important it is to study God's word. I have often listened in church meetings or in conferences and been discouraged by the sheer weight of God's commandments. I have thrown up my proverbial hands in despair and felt unable to make the tremendous life changes God asks.

Recently, however, I have come to understand that those changes are made in increments and that they are made naturally as we study the word of God and sincerely pray to know His will. I now know that if I read my scriptures and pray daily, every other commandment will fall naturally into place (eventually). If we can keep those lines of communication open between us and the heavens, then we will have access to God's help. We will have the Holy Ghost with us and He will tell us all things that we should do. He will change things about us that we never thought we could overcome. So much of what God wants from us is an attitude adjustment. Searching, pondering, and praying will soften our hearts and yield the necessary results.

As long as I pray sincerely and ponder God's word in the many ways it has been revealed to me, I do not have to worry about my Heavenly Father's judgment. As long as I do not willfully reject the teachings I receive, the Holy Ghost will make sure that my heart will be in the right place. I believe this is how the prophets of old could be so confident that they would meet us at the final judgment, standing on the right hand of God. It was not pride or knowledge that they had done everything right. It was a recognition of the power of the Atonement and a knowledge that they had the Holy Ghost with them, sanctifying them. They knew that their earnest desire would enable Jesus Christ, through His infinite and all-powerful Atonement, to do the rest.

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