Friday, November 14, 2008

There is Hope Smiling Brightly Before Us

It seems I can't turn around without reading or hearing another scary story. Financial ruin all over the world; "anthrax" at the Salt Lake and Los Angelos temples; wars in Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Somalia, and South Osetia; devastating earthquakes and hurricanes; parents killing children; children killing parents; and people dying from hunger, disease, and cruelty all over the world.

This is a frightening world we live in.

Sometimes I wonder who's in charge here. Sometimes I want to cry out, "O God, where art thou? And where is the pavilion that covereth thy hiding place?"

God answers even those doubting cries, as he answers all my prayers. He answers them with knowledge, strength, and peace. He answers them through His holy scriptures and the gift of the Holy Ghost.

The prophets have written about our day for millenia. The calamities we face daily have been prophesied and their resolution has been promised. And these prophesies, especially those found in the book of Revelation and section 88 of the Doctrine and Covenants, have been a tender mercy from my Father this week. As I have read and seen our day reflected in the sometimes obscure language, I have been strengthened. My mind has been expanded to include more than our present tumultuous circumstances; it has seen through this crucible to the great day when our Lord comes again.

Because of this scriptural study and the affirming power of the Spirit, I can say this with certainty: God is real. When He set His plan in motion, He knew all of this would happen. He knew it and He still gave us our agency. He gave us the power to choose it for ourselves. Then He prepared a way to save us all, to heal our broken society, and to usher in His kingdom. That way is Christ. Christ can heal each of us individually--this very day!--if we choose to follow His plan for us. But the day will come when Christ will return to set the whole earth aright.

We cannot know the hour of His coming but we can see the signs all around us. Some of the prophesies are still unfulfilled, but I know that God cannot lie and those events will take place. Perhaps it will not happen in my lifetime, but there is hope in knowing that all the promises of God will be fulfilled.

And when the signs of His coming have all been shown, I know He will come again.


Brad and Hailey said...

It is funny how with all of the chaos occuring right now and the specific attack on LDS people at this time ... how it all seems so small to me. I have the knowledge that others poor choices and the infulence of the Devil does not change Heavenly Father's plan for us. There is a much greater picture and plan. It is this knowledge that brings me peace through these chaotic times. I am very grateful.

Jay and Natalie said...

I admire your incredible testimony.

I was pretty depressed when I first looked at all the news and knew about all that was happening around the world, but it gives me comfort to know that I will be spared if I live by the right standards and principles. And I know He will come again when it's all over--just as has been promised for so long.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carolyn. You always seem to inspire me. Juanita