Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Reverent Baby

Sometimes I feel like I spend a significant amount of space on this blog complaining about how naughty my boy is in sacrament meeting.

There is a reason for this. I can say--without a doubt in my mind--that sacrament meeting is the hardest hour of my week. My dear, rambunctious son makes that hour my crucible of fire. But because of my struggle, it is also the hour when God can bless and uplift me the most. It has the capacity of being an hour for tender mercies, which is what this blog is all about and why those stories keep popping up on my website.

Still, I often feel that I am disproportionately whiny about my son, who is actually one of my life's greatest joys. I feel like I am doing him an injustice, putting up on the web how he kicks and pees and shouts in church when I never write about the way he smiles and plays and sleeps and touches my heart at home.

But today that all changes. Today I want to share how mild and agreeable my son was in church this past Sunday.

Soren and I went to church alone. Scott was home, sick in bed, leaving me to face my most trying hour alone. Or so I thought, in my melodramatic worrying. All alone; how would I manage all alone? I spent the drive to church bracing for the impact.

Which couldn't have been more unnecessary. I have never had so much help as I did on that Sunday. How could I have forgotten? We are never alone.

First, Soren's friend, Sequoia, and her family came to sit with us. Soren and Sequoia swapped toys and treats, enjoying the novelty of someone else's stuff. Soren shared his Book of Mormon pop-up with Sequoia and she lent him The Amazing Life of Jesus, with enough flip tabs to occupy him for the majority of the meeting.

That family was a tender mercy of my God, a timely blessing in my moment of need.

Then Amy and Kathy, my two baby-loving visiting teachees, came to sit behind us. Whenever Soren turned around and looked at them, they made silly faces and invited him into their laps. Thee change back and forth between rows was like a dream come true for Soren. He didn't have to be constantly attempting escape from his one confining pew; that escape was offered frequently and used up his need for constant movement.

I think that those women were prompted by my Heavenly Father to help me.

Finally, I felt like the Holy Ghost was there, aiding me, and that Soren could feel His presence like never before. I felt that God placed an invisible, calming hand on my son. He folded his arms and sat quietly for the sacrament prayers, a hitherto underheardof event. He sat in my lap and waved his arms to the music during congregational singing. And all his babbling was in a whisper, as though he felt the sacredness of the time and place.

I can only describe that sabbath day as a miracle. I got to hear the messages present, feel the sacredness of the ordinances performed, and enjoy the feelings of love and peace that can be present in our worship services. It seemed that even Soren could feel how special that time was.

I am so grateful that, once again, my loving Father made Himself manifest to me in during that sacred hour.


Laurie said...

With the trials, come the blessings! Usually tenfold, it seems! :)

Brad and Hailey said...

Heavenly Father is incredible! You know I had a similar day on Sunday. Brad too was sick at home in bed and I was left alone to not only teach our class of 8 5-year olds but also to teach the whole primary during sharing time! I cannot tell you the prayers I made that day, but knew in my heart it would all be okay.

When it was time for the big primary class, my one "ditcher" ran out of the room. I left one little boy in my class next to me in charge as I went after his classmate. I found him huddled in a ball under the nursery's play table. (He is not a fan of Primary, he would rather be running around than sitting still.) He would not come out. I am used to his antics for attention but on this day I didn't have time for it. Thankfully the Lord definitly helped me as a Primary Presidency member walked by, so I asked her to watch him while I looked for his mom. As I walked from sunday school class to sunday school class, I heared the hosting Primary President member naming what was coming up and as she began to say my name for the sharing time lesson, she paused looking for me. I stuck my head in and gave her a thumbs up as I ran off still looking for his mom.

After checking everywhere I could not find his mom! I had only singing time left and then it was my turn to teach all on my own! I had now reached panic stage as he was still in a ball under the table. Just at that moment, our singing leader miraculously pulled his name out of the bucket to be her helper! What a miracle that it was not only his name she pulled but that he was getting to fly an airplane! It took some coaxing but he came out! Just as we were walking into the room my visiting teacher walked by and said she saw his mom in the nursing room.

I had no idea how helpful this information would be! As soon as his turn was up he booked it out of the room again! It took me a little while to find him, but when I did I talked him into going to see his mom with me. Just in time as it was now my turn to go up and teach 60 small children! Another blessing came as a member of the Primary Presidency came and sat with my class while I taught. The Spirit was so strong and I didn't have to struggle for words or for their attention. I taught for 10 minutes! It was incredible!

When it was time to go to class, my kids were great and I took them to our room. But then one of my girls said she needed to use the restroom and she is one of only two in the class that can't go by themselves! I very sternly told the kids to behave and that I would be in the hall. I wasn't gone two minutes when I could see our classroom lights flashing on and off and I knew the girl still needed help. Another moment of total panic! What do I do?! Just then a group of young women walked by and in a moment of desperation I asked them if they would help me for a minute. They continued to walk past, however the Bishop's wife then heard me and said she could help. She had the feeling to check on her daughter who was two classes up from mine. She gladly sat with my class until I could return! And when I got back everyone was peaceful and happy and chewing a piece of gum!

Heavenly Father and his tender mercies! I am so grateful for his help!

Carolyn said...

Wow, Hailey, that is an amazing story. It sounds like you were just running all over the place! But our Father always sends us His help when we really need it.

And only He knows when we really need it.